Green Travel

12 Tips for Sustainable Travel

bike and wine tour

1. Consider going on a road trip. Or, if possible, take the train or bus instead of flying to your destination.

2. If you need to fly, book a non-stop flight. Choose from among the most eco-friendly airlines and the most fuel-efficient aircrafts. Check out carbon offset programs and sign up for one.

3. Pick an eco-friendly rental car, if needed, like a hybrid vehicle.

4. Book tours with local tour companies promoting sustainable travel.

5. Use public transportation or look for other options like bike-sharing. Or consider walking to destinations that are fairly near you instead of taking the bus or subway.

6. Stay in eco-lodges or green accommodations that have environmentally friendly amenities and services in place.

7. Opt for a shower instead of using up more water for a bath.

8. Re-use towel instead of leaving it for housekeeping to pick up and replace after every single use.

9. Bring BPA-free plastic or a stainless steel water bottle instead of buying bottled water when traveling.

10. Bring your own reusable shopping bags.

11. Buy homegrown and locally-made products like food, souvenirs, and other items.

12. Eat local. Dine in restaurants or eateries that use locally-sourced ingredients and in-season produce.