Four Mesmerizing Places to Visit in Vietnam and Cambodia

Four Mesmerizing Places to Visit in Vietnam and Cambodia

Angkor Wat aerial view

There are other far more interesting ways to travel from Vietnam to Combodia than spending the time in an aircraft thousands of feet from the ground. Biking across the two countries may be the most tiring way to do it. But seeing the natural beauty in the routes you take will make it worth the trip. Vietnam and Cambodia boast of some of the most beautiful places and natural attractions in the world. And here are just some of the best spots to find them.

Angkor (Siem Reap, Cambodia)
Angkor is an iconic archaeological site. The sprawling temple complex is the country’s most popular attraction and covers hundreds of kilometers including a forested area. Home to the Angkor Wat and other famous temples, the place is not only a wondrous work of ancient architecture. It also showcases the awe-inspiring beauty of its natural surroundings.

Halong Bay (Vietnam)
This UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of Vietnam’s must-see natural attractions. The thousands of towering limestone pillars are among its most striking features.

Mondulkiri (Cambodia)
sparsely populated Mondulkiri is a nature lover’s haven. It is brimming with wildlife and packed with natural attractions like dense forests, diverse wildlife, and dramatic landscapes to name a few. Not to mention the traditional villages where the province’s small number of inhabitants live.

Phong Nha-Kẻ Bàng National Park (Quang Binh Province, Vietnam)
This national park is a UNESCO World Heritage site and home to the world’s biggest caves that are accessible to the public. Here visitors can explore its vast limestone zone that stretches to about two thousand square kilometers and a spectacular grotto as well as the system of caves the park is known for.

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Andrés Ruzo: The boiling river of the Amazon

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Ben Saunders: To the South Pole and back — the hardest 105 days of my life

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Karen Bass: Unseen footage, untamed nature

Nature is world of seemingly limitless wonders. And despite everything wondrous people already know about and have seen, there remain many outstanding and breathtaking sights begging to be seen. In this talk, natural history filmmaker Karen Bass shares unseen footage of nature in all its untamed glory. See the stunning night sky of the Andes and more in this awe-inspiring video.

Getting a Dose of Nature

Getting a Dose of Nature


Getting in touch can have a lot of good benefits. And yet, not many people get to enjoy it for varied reasons. Thankfully, it is never too late to get into the habit of connecting with nature as often as you can. Here are some of the many ways you can enjoy the instant as well as the potential long term benefits that can improve your wellbeing.

Enjoy the soothing sounds. The natural sounds you hear can soothe and help calm your mind. Find a quiet spot in a park or garden to simply tune in to the things you hear around you. From the rustling of the leaves to the chirping of birds and all the possible things you can hear, listening to nature’s music can melt the stress away.

Spend break times outside. Why not use the 10 to 15 minute breaks you have at work to go for a short walk? If time does not permit it, you can just step out, breathe, and enjoy the view outside even for a while. Alternatively, you can bring your lunch to a nearby park for a change of scenery as you leisurely savor your meal. The time you spend outside can help clear your mind and spark your creativity.

Take a stroll. Does lethargy or lack of energy slowing you down at work or at home? Why not opt for natural ways to boost your mood instead of drinking your nth cup of coffee for the day? Caffeine may be an instant energy booster, but you will be back to your previous state once the effects wear off. Going for a walk can recharge your mind and body in a natural and healthier way.

Do your work outside. You do not have to do something drastic as leaving your job to find work that allows you to spend time outside. Sometimes all you have to do is to bring your laptop outside once in a while, especially when you start feeling overwhelmed by the pressures at work. Find a cozy spot outdoors where you can do your work while enjoying a breath of fresh air and the calming scenes that nature rarely seem to be in short supply of.